Hello there! My name is Branimir Suk, an educator and mentor dedicated to making the world a more comfortable, inclusive, and enjoyable place through experiential learning and education.

With over seven years of experience, I have honed my expertise as a project manager, mentor, and educator across 60+ international European projects. Through 300+ team building activities, 30 mentoring sessions, and 700 educational sessions, I continuously enhance my skills. I stay updated with the latest knowledge and techniques through training sessions, mentor meetings, and supervision. Having lived and worked in Germany, Spain, Aruba, and Croatia, I possess a deep understanding of cultural differences and work ethics, shaping my unique philosophy in working with people. Recently, I completed the Lifelong Learning program for Youth in Contemporary Society (2021), earning formal certification and further expanding my expertise in youth sociology, research, and working with young individuals. My focus now lies in helping professionals effectively and creatively impart knowledge to their participants.

My methodology draws from the field of non-formal education and incorporates experiential learning, peer learning, creative writing, simulations, reflections, ice-breaking games, team-building activities, trust-building exercises, individual conversations, and various theatre techniques. I cover diverse topics such as leadership, teamwork, burnout and resilience, communication skills, experiential learning, storytelling, non-formal education methodology, community needs assessment, and conflict resolution.

SUK is a platform created to share my wealth of knowledge with individuals, companies, and organizations, enabling them to excel in their respective fields. Together, let’s bring positive change and unlock the true potential of individuals and communities.