What is mentoring and how does it help in a business environment?

Mentoring is an extremely valuable individual learning process that combines professionalism with a friendly approach. Our mentors not only teach but also support and encourage our clients to achieve excellence. They are aware of the real needs and challenges that clients face, but they are also able to see the bigger picture to find solutions more quickly. Through mentoring, our clients receive personalized support and guidance to help them in their professional development. If you are ready to invest in your personal and professional development, our mentoring packages can be an excellent tool for success. Our team of mentors is here to provide support and guide you on the path to achieving your goals. Contact us today and start your mentoring journey!

Duration: Customized to individual needs/meetings once a week in person or via online platforms

Mentoring Packages:

Public Speaking:


Learning and Self-Development:

Teamwork/International Teamwork:

Additional Content:
> Individual consultations with the mentor and support for up to 4 months
> Working on assignments and exercises to apply learned skills
> Deconstruction of the learning process and reflection after meetings
> Access to additional materials and resources

Price: 557€

Why choose SUK mentoring?

Our advantage is that we have gone through the mentoring process ourselves and understand its value and the importance of guidance. We have firsthand experience of how a good mentor can see several steps ahead and show us the bigger picture. Our experience with mentors has inspired us to establish SUK – a company for laughter, learning, and creativity. Through years of experience, we have mentored over 10 young individuals who are now successful educators on the international stage.
We have provided mentoring to long-term volunteers (over 20), assisted interns in their development, supported individuals who have spoken in front of large audiences of 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000 people, as well as those who have presented their ideas at TED talks and global online conferences.

Another advantage we offer is fully customized mentoring tailored to the needs of our clients. Our methods encompass a wide range of soft skills, using tools that best suit each client to make progress in the most comfortable, visible, and enjoyable way.

Our clients are diverse – from outstanding professionals who want to excel in their fields to individuals with physical and mental difficulties who want to progress. We also mentor international educators and young people who have discovered their strengths and achieved fantastic results by becoming aware, guided, and focused on their potentials instead of limitations.

Choose us as your mentor, and together, we will achieve your goals and attain extraordinary results.

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